Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Introducing myself, Laura Sawchuk

For many years I avoided the word artist. I didn’t even tell people I was a photographer. It was presumptuous to make any claims for respect because I knew I was always learning. I was on a path to somewhere, but I didn’t even expect to arrive. Gradually a body of work emerged, but ‘selling myself’ to the world seemed impossible. There were so many gifted photographers already. So I was more comfortable with photography as a private passion.

These author portraits represent a very small portion of my work. It has been difficult to resist making a site that doesn’t include some of my favourite shots—the ones that irrevocably retrieve a place I’ve been, or a moment in nature, or the smiling faces of children on a muddy street in a Guatemala. But I recognize it’s a good idea to specialize, and all those artsy shots can possibly find their way into the world in due course.

For now, I am hanging out my electronic shingle like someone on a medieval street, like a blacksmith or a cobbler. This site declares I can be of service. It is not a boast to say I can make you look like who you are, and make you feel good about it, in a collaborative way, with minimal fuss. You can judge for yourself whether these images are “true” or not. I have yet to have a dissatisfied subject. Obviously I don’t only provide photographs of authors—but it’s where I’ve decided to start.

I hope to use this section of the site for visual updates of what I’m doing, rather than a conventional blog. I also want to revisit some of the images that just don’t want to go away. Here, for example, is an image that has absolutely nothing to do with authors, but it remains one of my favourites.

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